Wool Dish Sponge


Wool Dish Sponges are a natural & compostable alternative to synthetic dish sponges. Use them the same way you would use a normal dish sponge - lather, scrub, rinse, & repeat. Layout to dry between uses. When you first start using the wool sponge it will naturally felt up into a smaller size and shape, but it will not shrink indefinitely.

Wool is naturally antimicrobial, and will not shed microplastics. Replace your wool sponge when necessary by composting it, if possible.

While these wool sponges do not come with an additional loofah, we recommend paring your wool sponge with a loofah, pot scrubbing brush, or copper scouring pad as a way to get a good scouring action when you clean as part of your zero-waste cleaning routine.

Tip ~ cut into quarters for longer use and smaller size


Content: wool dish sponge.

Unit: set of 2 sponges.

Weight: 0.04 lb.

Cloth size: large- 8" x 8".

Production: made at the mill using 100%. Natural USA Wool.

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