Survival Pack


This survival pack is designed to be by your side in all circumstances. It's small enough to throw in your car or backpack so it will be easily accessible when you may need it. You can also just take out what items you need. This kit is designed to help you light a fire, navigate through the wilderness, create shelter, and make meals. It also comes with some survival cards that are loaded with outdoor survival tips. Makes a great gift for the spontaneous trip taker in your life.

Box includes:

  • Compass and Thermometer Carabiner

  • Folding Spork 

  • 4 Double Sided Survival Tip Cards

  • Storm-Proof Matches with striker and container

  • 30+ Ft of Parachute cord

  • Locking Carabiner

  • Opinel Knife #7 - with safety lock 

  • P-51 Military Issued Can Opener 

  • Gift Box with Survival Tips on the bottom

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