Rose of Jericho


Rose of Jericho Flower, The Resurrection Plant

Measures approximately 2 inches wide

The Rose of Jericho is known for its ability to come back to life after being desiccated for a long period of time, therefore given the name Resurrection Plant. In spiritual practices, the Jericho flower is used for bringing peace, prosperity and abundance into your home as well as protection against negative energy.

How to use
Place your Rose of Jericho in a bowl with lukewarm or cold water. After 30 minutes or so, its usually start to spread its branches wide open like bloomed roses

Water it every day for up to 7 days. Then allow to it to dehydrate completely for about 2 days. After 2 days of dehydration, the Rose of Jericho will close its branches and will curl back into its original dry bulk form. Then you can repeat these process again and again to re-use and re-enjoy them.

The water should be changed often and for spiritual practice purposes, you can sprinkle its water around the home to cleanse negative energies and to bring positive blessings to your space.

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