Fruit + Floral Hair Clips


 Little hair clips to brighten your day! 

~ A super creative hair clip shaped as a cute radish we wish we could bite into! A tiny pink and white veggie, so cute with its green leaves covered in engraved gold ink details. And last but not least, the material is a nice iridescent cellulose acetate that gives endless shades and highlights to this little jewel accessory.

 ~ A lovely hair clip, reminding us of our childhood, shaped as a cute pair of cherries in red and green tones. We love the golden details and the acetate material that make this accessory look like a vintage jewel. The little toothed clip is perfect to hold your hair together so you have the best hairstyle!

~ What better accessory than a little red chilli pepper to hold all your rebellious baby hair?! This acetate air clip with golden details is the perfect jewel to upgrade any hairstyle and outfit! A touch of color and warmth that won’t be left unnoticed.

 ~ An adorable little hair clip shaped as a bright yellow lemon wedge. A very handy accessory to hold the rebellious strands that won’t behave, or to upgrade a basic ponytail. A zest of color and sourness to spice up any look!

 ~ Hard to resist the urge to put flowers in our hair with the sunny days coming up! With this nice purple pansy and its serrated green leaves, you will be the prettiest of them all at the next picnic!

~ He loves me… He loves me not… Who cares?We don’t need anyone’s validation, especially when rocking this hair clip. Three lovely white and yellow daisies to celebrate the return of the sun! Yay!

~ A cute set of Forget-me-not as an adorable hair clip! We like this long version with five flowers instead of three, and the gorgeous pearly blue that makes us want to leave for the countryside. A creative accessory for a romantic and colorful look.

 ~ Cute pink cherry blossoms covered in golden details. This Sakura flower hair clip will add just the right amount of color and softness to your outfit.

~Here is the cutest little hair Banana! The dose of potassium and color that our outfit of the day was missing!


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