An Herbalist's Guide to Empowered Self-Care

By Brittany Ducham
Illustrations by Elana Gabrielle

Your guide to holistic healing from the inside out.

Taking care of ourselves is a radical act. It is through listening to your body, cultivating emotional intelligence, and utilizing whole foods and herbs that you can create your own unique and empowered self-care routine. When we create space to care for and honor our mental and emotional health, without judgment or shame, we find great personal and collective power.

Focusing on over 30 of the most nourishing herbs—from resilient reishi to soothing lemon balm—herbalist Brittany Ducham uncovers the world of folk healing and herbal medicine, where these amazing plants can be used to remedy stress, depression, and insomnia; soothe tension in the body; comfort a broken heart; and more. With insights on gut health, emotional balance, and the importance of whole foods, you will discover practices and strategies to thrive every day. Taking care of ourselves is also a way to take care of those around us—it is through relationships with one another and all living beings that true health exists, and it begins with these simple practices.

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