Traditional Handmade Broom


This hand made small broom is convenient to clean wooden floors, tables and desktops. It is also nice to hung on the wall, or used for ritual cleaning and cleansing.

Aside from flying ointments, the witch broom has one main magical purpose – to purify. Physically, we use brooms to sweep away dirt and debris. Magically, we use brooms to sweep away negative energy in our home and sacred space. Some traditions require a witch’s broom to be dedicated solely to magical cleansing, whereas another broom is used for house cleaning. In American folk magic, the same broom is used for house cleaning AND purifying a space. The witch’s broom can be used to cleanse your space, your home, and even a person or object of negative energy. In addition, the witch’s besom will function as a wand and brings prosperity and peace in one’s home.


Some interesting reading on the history of brooms and broom sticks ~

Material: grass, straw, miscanthus, rattan
Small: 31*20cm // Large: 12" h x 8" w



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