Mexican Moon Bath Soak


There's nothing quite like a steaming hot shower or bath to revive + refresh mind, body, and spirit and we're LOVING the incredibly high vibe (and entirely magical) handcrafted bath goodness from Lovewild Design of Brooklyn. Their beautiful formulas are plant-powered and deeply healing to mind, body, and soul.

This simple and all-natural formula is absolutely one of the BEST bath soaks that we've ever tried...the combination of mineral salts paired with the deeply healing plant love provided by the revered rosita de cacao (an ancient medicinal flower) is an amazing way to soothe, uplift, and de-stress mind, body, and soul. We're obsessed!

•1.5oz sachet

Ingredients: epsom salt, organic corn flowers, rosita de cacao flowers, jojoba oil

Lovingly picked from the Zapotec valley of Oaxaca, the rosita de cacao has been used by the Aztecs and Zapotec people for centuries. The warm floral scent of the dried flowers lasts decades after being picked. Rosita de cacao is associated with everlasting life and is harvested for its medicinal properties. Various recipes use the flowers to aid fevers, coughs, menstruation, anxiety, and libido. The flowers used in this beautiful mineral soak are sourced from a family of 3rd generation weavers in Teotitlán, a village in the foothills of the Sierra Juárez mountains.

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