Mercator Knife


Since making its way to the shores of the US, the Mercator Knife has become a favorite of quality knife fans. It’s easy to get a super sharp blade going on this bad boy and the lockback mechanism keeps the blade in place while in use. Perfect for anyone in the market for a pocket knife without a lot of bells and whistles but a lot of historic quality. Check the history on the Mercator and then grab one for yourself.

American GIs brought this Mercator knife back to America with them after World War II, where it became famous under the name "Black Cat Knife" and still has a cult following. 


Choose between -

Mercator Cat Knife - Black

Mercator Brass Lockback - Gold

Mercator Wood - Classic

Mercator Clip Black Stainless



  • 3.3” spear point blade

  • The design of this knife is virtually unchanged since the original over 100 years ago

  • Handmade in Germany


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