Maserin Mignon Tiny Knife


Maserin was able to lift the keychain pocket knives to a higher level with the Mignon knives: the smallest knives in their collection. This pocket knife is so small that it might look like a charm on a bracelet or necklace. With a total length (opened) of only 3.1 cm and a blade length of approximately 1.1 cm the size of this knife can only be called remarkable. With, of course, the same quality as the large Maserin knives. Each knife has a key ring and a beautifully lined gift box. An artisan product made in Italy.

The blade is made from stainless steel, a stable slipjoint keeps the blade from closing and the handles are made from coloured wood . The handle has a natural variation which means that each one is unique. This is also what makes the knives, in addition to their size, so special. Maserin gives out a 10 year warrantee on the Mignon collection.

Please note: The knife you will receive can, because of the natural variation, differ from the product photograph. The model and type of material, however, remains the same.

Whether you wear or carry this knife, you will definitely receive a lot of compliments.

Also offered with a 14k goldfilled chain, to wear as a necklace. 


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