Manifestation Pad


A daily tool to practice a guided path towards making your dreams a reality. At the start of each week, set an intention that you want to bring to fruition. Serving as a cross between a journal and a planner, each day you'll make a step forward towards your intention with the conscious cycle of action, awareness and affirmation. Through a guided series of prompts, the Manifestation Pad walks you through the process of expanding your mind to new possibilities that are already in store for you.

 8" x 10’’ 6 months of weekly manifesting. 26 sheets. Printed on luxe recycled stock made from 30% post-consumer waste. Thick chipboard backing.


The power behind manifesting is aligning the Mind in self-belief and then putting actions towards living out your fullest purpose. In an effort to cut through the fluff, this pad brings a tangible solution to channel your aspirations and energy through a guided daily method to start seeing the results you have been dreaming of. The Manifestation Pad aligns all three of our homes to work in tandem with the universe to bring to life the power that already resides within you – all that you have to do is be an active participant on the path that is already destined for you.

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