Incienso Sahumerio Brick


Incienso Sahumerio aromatic smoke incense bricks have a rich, sweet scent of a mixture of palmetto, palo santo and other herbs from Peru make Sahumerio a wonderfully calming aromatic smoke incense for meditation, prayers, or simply to scent a room. Each Sahumerio incense stick can be extinguished and re-lit many times, making our product a smart, economical choice as well.

In Spanish, “sahumerio” literally translates to “aromatic smoke”, and that’s just what you get with these Sahumerio incense sticks. Sahumerio incense has been used by people in Central and South America, particularly those in Peru, for generations. It has been used to purify spaces and remove bad energy. Traditionally composed of palo santo wood as well as other types of incense like palmetto, myrrh, eucalyptus, alucema, rosemary, and many others, the typical Sahumerio provides a deep, earthy scent and offers high cleansing and purification properties for your ritual spaces.

This Sahumerio blend creates a calming effect to make prayers and meditation more effective and produces a unique and pleasant aroma that can fill any room to improve the ambiance of any occasion.

 For best use, we recommend lighting one end of our Sahumerio incense stick and letting it burn for a moment before extinguishing the flame. While one end of the stick is still smoldering, take a small container with sand and place your Sahumerio, smoldering-side up, in the sand to hold it in place, much in the way you would burn a bundle of sage while stationary. Then, simply reverse the stick and bury the smoldering end in the sand to extinguish it and save it for the next ritual cleansing.

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