Hori Hori


One of the top 100 new outdoor living tools for 2015 according to This Old House, this uniquely designed, multi-use tool is the perfect companion for all your outside escapades. Pound in tent stakes with the flat pommel base. Measure planting depth with the handy inch marks. Saw a branch or whittle some kindling with the rust-resistant, double-edged blade. But don't forget about the Hori Hori Sheath. Durable waxed canvas and reinforced lining come together beautifully to sustain and preserve the Hori Hori. Its stainless steel belt clip supports easy carrying and accessibility, while the strong handle strap restricts the blade from slipping or moving. The Hori Hori Sheath’s open end allows for easy cleaning and prevents soil buildup, preserving the Hori Hori’s blade for years of continued use.


Features -

  • One piece stainless steel construction

  • Straight and serrated edge blade

  • Solid hardwood handle with walnut finish

  • Gift box included

  • Twine cutter and bottle opener

  • Timeless copper accents

  • 5 year warranty


Dimensions - 14.5” L x 4.0 ” W x 1.25 “ H

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