Gassman Tarot de Marseille


François Gassman of Geneva, Switzerland first produced this tarot deck in 1840. Though unique in its own way, this deck is part of the Tarot de Marseille family of cartomancy. One the most classic tarot deck styles, the Tarot de Marseille being the forerunner of most modern tarot decks, this deck boasts the same major and minor arcana as more contemporary decks. Its imagery evokes a timeless baroque style, and the original french names for major and minor arcana alike.

While this deck was printed from an original 1840 edition, the specific copy it comes from was censored at some point in its history-- potentially during the prudishness of the victorian era. Whoever owned this specific deck painted over the nudity present in a few of the cards, while we think this adds to its historical intrigue, we recognize that some users may find this unappealing. 

Full Size Tarot (4.75 x 2.75 inches) printed on high quality 350 gsm coated card stock. Linen Finish | Made in U.S.A

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