DIY KIT- Cyanotype Bandana


Make Your Own Cyanotype Bandana

Create a one-of-a-kind bandana using one of the oldest forms of photography-Cyanotype. Also known as sun printing, this process blends chemistry, art, and nature for a satisfyingly hands-on project that is fun for everyone!

The BASIC KIT includes one cotton bandana, two cotton practice swatches, cyanotype chemistry, protective gloves, and glass beads for holding your objects in place.



Q: Is there enough solution to do more items than what comes in the basic kit?

A: Yes, if you are careful and only mix what you need for each use, you'll have a little extra to create 1-3 more small projects.  Check out our optional add-ons for items we think make great additional projects!

Q: Can I only do this project on a sunny day?

A: This can be done on a cloudy day too but you should avoid precipitation.  It must be done outside because glass windows can sometimes block the UV light that triggers the chemical reaction that turns the molecules blue!

Q: Do I need supplies beyond what comes in the kit?

A: You'll need a flat portable work surface ( a flattened cardboard box works well) and a small non-food-use bowl or container to mix the solution in.

Wear clothes that you can get messy.  Gather your own objects for printing- we love collecting leaves outside, everyday objects like pasta, snack foods, and tools.

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