Depths Tarot


The Depths is a parallel dimension to bodily existence where we consult the wisdom of the five elements EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AIR and ETHER to move towards what is far greater and more mysterious. Through GRATITUDE, COURAGE, INTUITION, FREEDOM, and DEPTHS — we are invited to understand beyond knowledge, to see beyond that which is visible.

This is Tarot divination experienced in a liminal, more-than-human environment. In this space between the worlds, we hope you explore the Edges, discover joy, find solace, embrace challenge, and recognize the essence that connects us all to each other.

Made of rapidly renewable materials, printed in the USA.


This is the first printing of The Depths Tarot Deck, a non-binary, all-inclusive, more-than-human interpretation on the classic art of the tarot.

Painted with natural pigments such as hand-collected cochineal, charcoal from a wildfire, sand from Utah desert and seawater collected from Monterey Bay on a full blue moon, it is infused with intention and magic. An accompanying, intensive guidebook and will be available soon, along with other kinetic surprises we cannot wait to share with you.

Depths Tarot is created by a collection of female-identifying artists and printed in the USA. We are exceptionally proud of the extra steps taken to present to you the most sustainable tarot deck possible, and are looking forward to your feedback!

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