Did you chocolate grows on trees? kinda. sorta. Well the things that end up being chocolate, come from a tree. So that pretty much means chocolate is salad and you should eat more of it - right?

Grab a can opener and discover the pure essence of chocolate with our teeny can of Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans. This can of beans is sourced all the way from Ecuador and carefully canned in our can-u-factory in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Each bite offers a glimpse into the wild journey of the cacao bean, from its origins in Ecuador to its transformation into a delectable treat canned right here in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Each cacao bean is carefully selected for its exceptional quality and flavor with the help of our friends in Ecuador, ensuring that only the finest cacao beans make their way into these teeny cans.

Great for gifting! This good goodie avoids gluten, avoids nuts, does not contain soy, and is vegan friendly.

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