Gift offering of incense and soap bundle:

Hand wrapped with Traditional Nepalese Lokta paper. Small batch, essential oil vegan soap.

Bundled with Breu resin, Palo Santo, White Sage, Chacrona & Jagube artisanal incense sticks. Hand pressed Palo Santo incense and Palo Santo Wood.

The Lokta paper, hand made by small cottage women enterprise in Nepal is used for bundling the artisanal incense made in 4 distinct locations in Peru and Brazil of pure, raw Palo Santo, Breu resin, Sage and Ayahuasca Offscourings.
Wrapped under the incense, a small batch, cold processed vegan soap produced in coordination with a master soapmaker in Pennsylvania from unique blend of 16 Essential Oils, including Vetiver, Cardamom, Geranium, Marjoram, Lavender and others.

Burn incense on safe heat resistant surface.

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