Atzompa Copita


Can be used for espresso, mezcal or your favorite spirt. Also can be used as a candle holder, jewelry dish, planter or home decor. 

Hand made by Francisco Alarzon, Santa Maria Atzompa-Oaxaca- Mexico

Each piece is formed on a hand spun wheel, surface fired in a wood burning kiln and burnished using river stones. The slip ( a wash of fine clay) used on these pieces is very reactive to variations in heat and smoke so Francisco burns resin rich copal wood and tobacco leaves in the fire to give the pieces natural color variations. 

These little guys are 2 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter, holds approximately 2.5 ounces of liquid. Unglazed, food safe.

Please note each piece may vary slightly in size and color as each one is handmade and unique.  

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