14k Gold Refinish


Jewelry can last a long time, but it needs care every so often. Unfortunately most metals will change with natural wear and tear, just like delicate handmade shoes or a sweater etc - they won't look exactly the same as the day you bought them.

Many Mountainside styles are finished with a thick layer of real 14k gold and a protective clear coating, but after long periods of wear and tear, exposure to water and oils or lotions, etc. the gold can slowly wear - but not to worry! I’m happy to re-coat your piece of jewelry to its original shine.

We are only able to refinish Mountainside pieces.

*Jewelry will need to be mailed back (or dropped off at the storefront) in order to be plated, once you submit your repair order, ship your item to the shop.

Do not ship your jewelry in a regular envelope, it can be lost or damaged. I recommend a padded envelope or box with tracking. The shipping cost in the online purchase will cover our shipment back to you once complete!


Please add a note with your information, and order #

Ship to:

Mountainside - Repairs

6223 Hwy 9

Felton, CA 95018


Please allow 4-8 weeks for your repair to be completed.


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