Single Origin Spices


Direct-trade spices from India to punch up any recipe

600 years is a long time to do things the same old way. But that’s about how long the spice trade has been stuck in its rut. Diaspora is going for a different tactic. Founded by a woman raised in Mumbai, Diaspora is getting their hands on high-quality spices directly from farmers in India, bringing single-origin turmeric, pepper, and chilli to your kitchen without changing hands ten times the way standard spices do. It’s far fresher and better tasting, all the while supporting sustainable farming practices and the farmers who make it possible. Their Spice Trio is a perfect way to discover what switching things up tastes like.


  • Pragati turmeric: 2.47 oz

  • Guntur Sannam chilli powder 2.29 oz

  • Aranya peppercorn: 2.29 oz

Single origin, heirloom spices sourced directly from farmers in India

  • Grown using regeneratives and sustainable agricultural practices

  • Direct-trade pays farmers up to six times more that traditional spice trading practices

  • Spices harvested the same year they’re sold

  • Fresh spices with stronger flavors and aromas


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