Pasilla Chile


Wake up your food (and cocktails) with some serious magic. We directly source Pasilla Chile Magic from our south-of-the-border vecinos, the indigenous Mixe farmers in the Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Their ancient, unique method of smoking raw chilaca chiles over encino (Mexican oak) day and night for a week imparts the richest, smokiest flavor with hints of currant and orange and of course, a little zip of fire.

Sprinkle our hand-ground PCM onto your huevos, into a hearty pozole, make a killer rim for your mezcal margarita, or shake a little over some fresh fruta for a fiery, refreshing snack .

With this purchase, you become part of our larger mission to #seasonwithpurpose, supporting smallholder farmers and uniting vecinos near and far through meaningful food experiences.

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