Ocean Hair Claws


STARFISH ~ Here is an orange hair claw shaped like a starfish so you can look like a true mermaid by the pool: a colorful swimsuit, some pin-up sunglasses, a cute sea animal with gold details in your hair… Meanwhile, you can wear it at the office to get in the summer break mood!

 SEASHELL ~ A gorgeous pearly shell looking like the houses of the hermit crabs we love to watch strolling on the beach. This hair claw dazzles us with the pastel highlights and gold shine giving it a vintage look we are obsessed with. The one accessory we must have in our beach bag this summer!

OYSTER ~ A beautiful oyster hair claw in grey tones nicely copying the unique texture of this shell. And of course, this oyster comes with a cute glossy pearl and silver details to look even more real. A creative hair accessory, easy to wear with a bun or any fun hair style.

CLOWNFISH ~  We are in love with this beautiful clownfish hair claw with orange and white stripes, ready to jump in our hair. The glam detail: the rhinestone eyes for a sparkling gaze.

LOBSTER ~ A beautiful XL lobster hair claw, perfect for long or thick hair. With the flaming orange red color, the glitters, the gold details and the cute rhinestones as eyes, this hair claw shines in our manes, giving a mermaid vibe. A graphic and vintage sea animal so you can look like the queen of the ocean!

SHRIMPOk, let’s stop everything we’re doing to have a look at this beauty: the pink shrimp mini hair claw with glitters! We are huge fans of this accessory in the team, we can’t get tired of how cute it looks in a bun. Between the gold touches, the rhinestone eyes and obviously the glitters, we had no other option but to love it!

OCTOPUS ~ Our hearts melt in front of this baby octopus mini hair claw! This tiny sea animal can grab any hair with its lilac tentacles and gold suckers. A good way to make creative hairstyle while sunbathing at the beach.

SCALLOP ~ An adorable scallop shell mini hair claw with a delicate glossy white color and a pretty pearl (vegan of course). A very cute tiny accessory you can bring anywhere with you to upgrade any hairstyle.

MINI SHELL ~ We adore this shell mini hair claw looking like the houses of hermit crabs. An elegant mollusc with pearly pastel highlights, as well as gold details added by our manufacturers so this hair accessory looks like true sea jewelry!


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