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Every diamond is unique, but all natural diamonds have at least one thing in common: these beautiful gemstones are billions of years old. The first diamonds to be unearthed by man were discovered in the 4th-century BC and were quickly dispersed along the ancient trade route. Ancient civilizations believed diamonds were gifts from the Gods and that they would bring health, wealth, and strength.

Used as decoration, a means of barter, a symbol of wealth, the source of power and magic or objects of adoration - diamonds have inspired myths, legends and folklore, and have even been used as medicine…. their histories are a fascinating mix of fact and legend.


Each piece is one of a kind and unique, shapes will vary. Each piece is set in a handmade 18k gold open bezel.

Rough Conflict Fee Certified Genuine Diamond 
These diamond slices are a thin slice of a raw diamond, which has not been cut or processed. Each diamond adheres to KPCS (Kimberley Process Certification) and is genuine + conflict free.  


  • Chain Length:  16” - 18" - 20"


  • 14kt gold filled cable chain
  • 4 mm pendant
  • Spring Clasp
  • Made in the USA

Let us know what chain length you'd like at checkout!


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