Blooming Floral Tea


High-quality tea leaves and edible flowers are hand tied together to create a beautiful blooming tea, a great refreshing beautiful beverage an excuse to take a break!

A blooming tea ball made with a mix of loose organic flowers that open and dance in your cup. This isnt your typical blooming tea ball. Use for a beautiful pot of herbal tea or freeze the bloomed flowers in your ice tray for some dazzling cubes on a hot day.

Steeping Instructions

1. Heat water to a boil 212 ° F/ 100 °C
2. Place a blooming tea into a durable teapot (preferably clear glass for the beautiful visual).
3. Pour boiling water over blooming tea (3-4 inches in height).
4. Steep and watch the tea bloom. Swirl tea to balance the flavor. ENJOY!

- Add sugar, honey and other seasoning flavor.

  • Water temperature: the best cooling temperature after boiling water is about 85℃ to avoid nutrients’ passing caused by high temperature.

  • Don’t soak for too long to avoid a bitter taste.

Blooming Teas are a variety of random flavors that contain the following:

Green Tea, Calandula Flower, Lily flower, Osmanthus flower, Pink Amaranth Flower, Black tea, Pink Amaranth flower, Roselle flower, Rose flower, Jasmine Flower

Each Blooming Tea can be re-steeped 2-3 times.

This listing is for :

5x Assorted Blooming Teas
*Blooming may vary on each piece*

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